Crowborough Mountain


Site last Updated:
June 2012


You have found, or stumbled across, the website of The Crowborough Mountain Bike Collective.

Who are we?

We are a group of blokes and girls of mixed ages and abilities who have a passion for riding mountain bikes and having fun!

Where do we ride?
We are based around Crowborough, East Sussex, with a good knowledge of the local trails, where most of our riding takes place. We do also travel further afield to both the North and South Downs, Bedgbury and Swinley Forest. Each year we try and make at least one visit to a trail centre or some other Mountain Bike Haven in the UK, with aspirations to get to the Alps. Have a look at our adventures for a better feel.

Are we a club?
No, absolutely not this is a socially built group not a race group, the last person will not get abandoned! We now have around 50 people who have asked to be kept informed about our rides, although most weeks only between 5 and 10 ride. Because we aren't a club there are no fees to pay or forms to be filled in. Our ethos is simple, Get Out and Ride.

What format do the rides take?
We normally ride on a Sunday morning starting at 8am from our chosen start location and aim to be back in Crowborough by about midday. Riding distance is normally between 15 and 25 miles depending upon the weather and the terrain, which is usually cross country / trail riding. We take plenty of breaks for chats and to catch our breath. Where the ride allows we will stop for a brew and cake! We also ride locally on a Thursday evening during the week.

What bike and gear do I need?
This is a tricky one, we aren't an elitest group so there is no bike snobbery, but it's important to start on the right note or you won't want to ride again! With that in mind an entry level hardtail (not something from Asda) will be ideal and a pair of padded shorts. We will insist you wear a helmet as most of us have been saved by one at least once. The rest you can probably beg, borrow or steal from any of the guys who ride, we have plenty of spares between us to loan! Feel free to send us a mail for more info.

Can you join us?
Absolutely, that's the whole reason of the website, you can either Send an email to and you'll be sent info on the next ride. Or you can visit the Days Of Speed Forum on Jab Ride to catch up on what we are doing.